I got my first piece of mail at my new address today, and it came from my former fabulous church in California. Seeing the envelope with the familiar logo brought a small moment of cheer in an otherwise gray, rainy day in Vancouver.

On the topic of church: I recently visited a local Anglican parish in my neighborhood. It's very, very small (the complete opposite of All Saints' gargantuan congregation). But like All Saints, it's an inclusive church and allows everyone to participate in the Eucharist (two features that are extremely important to me). It also focuses on matters of social justice (I can't imagine being part of a church that doesn't!). I think I'll stick with this church, especially because I strongly prefer to be part of a local parish.

Finding a church and getting plugged in is a priority for me since I'm currently lacking community. I'm not here as a student as I was on previous occasions, so school is out as a source of community. And I don't have a job yet, so I'm not able to find community in the workplace either. But school and work were hardly ever significant sources of community for me. I currently have friends scattered throughout the city that I've known in former contexts, but what I really need is a community in which we're bound by some common experience or activity.

Although I've only been away from this city for a little over a year, moving back has required some readjusting. It's funny how easily I become a creature of habit and when I find myself in a new setting, although a very familiar one, I struggle to acclimate nevertheless.